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What is Eurodek?

Eurodek is a PVC membrane flooring for use on deck and roof deck surfaces exposed to pedestrian traffic. Eurodek is available in a number of different colors and patterns and creates a 100% waterproof deck surface.

How is Eurodek Installed?

Eurodek is fully adhered to a smooth substrate using Eurodek adhesives. Any joints in the membrane are overlapped by 1 inch and fully heat welded together to create a completely waterproof finish. The perimeters of the deck are then wrapped down over the outside edges, and wrapped up the inside walls and mechanically fastened. See our ‘Installation’ page for more details.

What is Eurodek Installed Over?

Eurodek recommends substrates of ‘Plywood’ or ‘Concrete’. Eurodek creates a waterproof surface so the substrate should have a built- in slope to drain moisture away from the building. Eurodek should not be installed over top of pressure treated plywood as the treatment chemicals can stain the Eurodek membrane.

How Long will Eurodek Last?

A Eurodek Vinyl Deck surface could last up to 15-25 years depending upon the application, exposure and care of the deck.

How long is the Warranty?

Eurodek products are covered by a written ‘Warranty’ of 5 or 15 years depending upon the specific product.

How Much Does Eurodek Cost?

Typically, Eurodek is priced by the square foot, as an installed product. There are many variables that effect pricing such as product thickness or pattern, job size, and job specific details. To learn more and receive an accurate estimate for your deck surface contact your local Eurodek Dealer on our Contact Page.

Can Eurodek be Installed Over My Existing Deck?

Possibly. Eurodek may be able to be installed over top of your existing deck surface with some preliminary work to the existing surface such as adding plywood or removing the existing coating.

Is Eurodek Waterproof?

Yes – when installed according to Eurodek installation details and procedures Eurodek becomes a completely 100% Waterproof surface, creating a covered dry space below.

Can Eurodek Be Installed on a Roof?

Yes – Eurodek Plus roof-grade membranes meet ‘Building Code requirements as a roofing material, and can be used on flat roof areas over top of finished living space. Roof decks are a great way to extend the living space of your home to the outdoors.

Is Eurodek Slip Resistant?

Yes – Eurodek membranes are textured to provide a non-slip footing even when wet.

Will Eurodek Withstand Hot Climates?

Yes – all Eurodek products are formulated with UV & Heat stabilizers and a factory applied acrylic top coat for additional protection and longevity.

Will Eurodek Withstand Freezing Temperatures?

Yes – Eurodek membranes are formulated with state of the art plasticizers that allow the membrane to remain flexible at very low temperatures. Eurodek is regularly tested for low temperature properties down to -40° C.

How Do I Remove Snow/Ice from Eurodek?

Snow can be shoveled off a Eurodek surface using a plastic snow shovel or a push broom. Be sure the plastic shovel does not have a metal blade.
o Rock Salt and other similar Ice Melting compounds can be used on a Eurodek surface as long as any residue left be these products is washed off the surface with soap and rinsed well with clean water prior to the following spring / summer suns.

How Do I Clean Eurodek?

It is best to clean your Eurodek surface with a mild dish soap solution and a soft bristle brush or broom for a light scrubbing. After cleaning be sure to rinse the surface well with clean water or a garden hose.
o Also see our Eurodek ‘Product Care’ info.

Why Choose Eurodek?

Eurodek offers the largest selection of Vinyl decking product on the market and has been doing so for over 15 years. We have been around through numerous Warranty cycles and the Eurodek stands behind its products with proven durability.


All Eurodek materials are backed by Written Manufacturer’s Warranties. All 65 mil materials are covered by a 5 year Appearance/15 year Waterproof warranty. View or download our warranty card for further details.


Download Safety Data Sheets (SDS) here for all components of the Eurodek system: